NomiBase, all the information you need on more than 200,000 decision-makers

Thanks to the NomiBase service, you can identify the right decision-maker without wasting time.

NomiBase, offers a wealth of in-depth information that is unique in France:

  • mappings of group structures,
  • company organisation charts,
  • biographies and photos,
  • contact details of decision-makers and their assistants.
Simplified access to information with multi-criteria searches:
  • position,
  • sector,
  • education and training,
  • size of company and turnover,
  • region etc.

NomiBase, information management for high-quality business relations.

  • plus de 50 critères de ciblage
  • potentiel marché maîtrisé
  • 60 000 organigrammes et cartographies
  • 200 000 décisionnaires et influenceurs

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