Le meilleur du CRM et l’information Nomination en un seul outil !

Avec NomiCRM, gérez votre panier de contacts / comptes depuis un logiciel CRM simple d’utilisation.

Recherche de comptes / de contacts

– Critères de recherche simples
– Information uniquement sur votre marché

Consultation de fiches comptes / contacts

– Identification du meilleur interlocuteur
– Coordonnées à jour

Suivi de votre activité

– Historique de vos relations
– Programmation d’actions (appel, e-mail…)


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  • Enrichissement de votre data
  • Temps de prospection optimisé
  • Suivi client efficace



Do you need update and enhance your customer data?

The wealth of an enterprise lies in the information that it is able to share and use. As an expert in the contact management and information technology fields, Nomination has developed services that are directly integrated in your CRM system (Salesforce, Selligent, Eudonet etc.) and which ensure the automatic, continuous updating of your customer database.High-quality content and a regularly updated customer database are essential to ensure:

  • Accurate targeting
  • Addressing
  • Data mining

With Nomination, you are choosing the leading source of information on decision-makers to support your sales strategy!

NomiCRM guarantees the real-time updating of your customer contacts.
Thanks to the reliability of the information it provides, this service improves the performance and profitability of your sales and marketing activities as well as the strategic management of your target accounts.

If you work with a partner CRM system (Salesforce, Selligent, Eudonet etc.), you can create « NomiBase gateways » :

  • Automatic imports of appointments
  • Imports of new contacts
  • Direct link to the updated data sheet for an identified contact
  • Additional information about the targeted companies (organisation chart, sales etc.)

The basic consulting and management services:

  •  Analysis of your existing customer/prospect database: advice on the organisation of the information.
  • Updating and enhancement of your contact details: confirmed, extended job identifications (80% of e-mail addresses with named recipients, 100% in the case of postal addresses, direct dial-in numbers), departures, replacements etc.
  • Monitoring of enterprise accounts within a given scope: regular delivery of new contacts in key positions.
  • Monitoring of individuals within a given scope: regular delivery of new companies; a person within scope who leaves his or her job to join a new company that is out-of-scope is of interest.

Delivery schedules: monthly or quarterly

  • CRM à jour
  • Enrichissement de data
  • Temps de prospection optimisé
  • Suivi client efficace